About Center

Established in 2014, IUG-Industry and Community Liaison Center (IUGIC) is one of the outcomes of STEP (Strengthening University-Enterprise Linkages in Palestine). Supported by the European Commission Tempus IV programme, STEP is a project that aims “to contribute to the socio-economic development in Palestine by strengthening linkages between universities and enterprises in terms of cooperation and partnerships”. IUGIC is part of a nation-wide university-enterprise Network in Palestine supported by STEP.

Services for Industry and Community

IUGIC is industry’s chief gateway and guide to IUG. Through its various expertise, it provides industry and community with several services:

1.   Providing innovative practical solutions of the problems facing the industrial enterprises through high quality scientific research.

Services for IUG students and emp.

In collaboration with enterprises and community, IUGIC supports the university students, graduates and researchers with several services:

1.      Advancing collaborative research by identifying prioritized research areas for industry and community

2.      Managing the process of intellectual property.